03/30/2019 - The Sun at solar minimum

Submitted by thenakedastronomer

The sun shone brightly over Port Orchard, Washington today. After a long, unseasonably snowy and cold winter, it was nice to get out under the sun and soak up its warmth.

I got some photos of the sun today but haven't been able to look at most of the images. The most difficult part of astrophotography is the processing, and I've not had time to process any but just this one of the images I got. I hope to post more in the coming days.

So far as solar observing goes, it's pretty slim pickin's right now. The sun has an eleven-year cycle that goes from maximum (lots of activity) to minimum (very little activity). As you can see here, there are no sunspots, no prominences, no filaments ... no nothing, basically. Just gotta wait a few more years for the sun to get active again...

Even then, it was sure good to get the equipment out and spend a day in the glorious sunshine.