Submitted by jimwcoleman

Totality! You know, you can never do too much planning. The day before, I had battled problems with the Celestron AVX mount but once those were resolved, I did a little dry run of the eclipse, so I would know what exposures to use with Backyard EOS during the partial phases. But I did little-to-nothing to prepare for the totality phase. After all, how do you simulate that? I figured I would just wing it and change the Backyard EOS exposure parameters on the fly.

That was bad planning. The total phase is so short that there wasn't time for any of that. I made a few exposure adjustments but just got horribly over-exposed photos. Knowing that I was going to waste all my time fussing with the computer and miss the actual eclipse, I abandoned the computer and just grabbed a camera and started shooting. I'm so glad I did, or I would have ended up with no photos of this most magical phase of the eclipse.

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