Celestron AVX power connector broke

Submitted by jimwcoleman

As luck would have it, the power connector for the Celestron Advanced VX mount broke the day before the total solar eclipse, while the scope was set up in the middle of an Idaho field for a dry run. 

I have no nice things to say about the power coupling in the AVX mount. It has been problematic since day one. Sometimes, the power plug just doesn't go in and you have to gently wiggle it back and forth, or apply a bit of pressure. This time, the pressure was too great and the power coupling broke and pushed into the mount, breaking a wire. Now panicked, with only hours to go before the eclipse, I tried several different things, to no avail. Finally, I just removed the coupling by cutting all the wires, cut the female end of the plug off the power adapter and soldered the wires together. From there, I duct taped the protruding wires to the mount and hoped for the best. Luck was with me, as the emergency fix held through the eclipse.

I am now working on a more permanent fix and will update this once that has been done. Shame shame, Celestron.

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