Gorgeous moon!

Submitted by jimwcoleman

I rarely ever photograph the moon anymore, as I am more fond of chasing down very dim comets and remote galaxies. But the moon was particularly beautiful tonight, so I grabbed a quickie photo.

Tonight, purely by accident, I happened to capture a spectacular feature on the moon that I've never been able to get before, and it got it tonight by accident. Do you see the Lunar X??

About the Lunar X.

Jupiter in bad seeing

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Jupiter was pretty low on the eastern horizon, caught in the Seattle skyglow and I had to get up at 3:30 the next morning, so I couldn't wait long for the planet to climb out of the muck and higher into the sky. But I did get this image, stacked from individual frames in an .avi clip. Not spectacular but good practice in trying to make something out of a night of bad seeing.

NGC-6946 - The Fireworks Galaxy

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Here is an image of the 9.6 magnitude "Fireworks Galaxy" - known as NGC-6946 or Caldwell 12. The galaxy is 18 million light-years distant, and can be found between Cepheus and Cygnus. This galaxy is about a third as large as our own Milky Way galaxy. Photographed under amazing skies in Port Orchard, Washington. (Meade LX200R, Canon 60D, Lepus .62 telescompressor, ISO 1600, 29x2 min subs, Maxim DL - guided with PHD and Orion ST80.)